• Course Syllabus

    Title of Course - Sociology

    Teacher Name - Mr. Dupuis (Dew-pwee)

    Course Information - One Semester/One Half Credit in Social Studies

    Teacher Information - Room 124, 1st Hour Planning, Phone 810-591-5428, email pdupuis@carmanainsworth.org

    Prerequisite(s) - Student must be of junior or senior standing.

    Course Description and Overview of Content

    Sociology is a survey course that studies group behavior. In sociology, you will study different sociological points of view, cultural diversity, cultural conformity & adaptation, social structure, socialization, adolescence, adulthood, and deviance & social control.


    Course Goal/Intended Outcomes

    1. By the end of this course, the student will be able to pass a comprehensive exam on the basic concepts and facts from the State of Michigan and National Standards and Benchmarks.
    2. The student will meet the Performance and Exit Behaviors set forth by the district.
    3. The student will understand the meaning of and concepts behind the Core Democratic Values.

    Required Text and Material

    • Student textbook: Sociology: the Study of Human Relationships
    • Notebook and folder
    • Pens and pencils
    • Highlighters
    • Colored pencils


    Format and Activities

    We will examine sociology from a number of different perspectives. This will include, but is not limited to, cooperative learning, persuasive essays, hands-on projects, and informative videos.


    Grading Practices and Procedures

    Students will be graded by the following breakdown:

           50% Formal Assessments          5% Positive In-class Participation/In-class Assignments

           20% Interactive Notebook         25% Topic Based Papers/Projects


    The Final Exam is worth 20% of your over all grade!

                 Yes, even if you are a senior!

    All assignments will be typed in Word and submitted through Blackboard. 

    The papers/projects will be marked down 50% if it is not turned in on or before the due date and time. You will have three (3) weeks to do the project, so if you are going to be absent (excused or unexcused, it does not matter) on the due date turn it in early, e-mail it, FedEx it, send it with a friend, relative, or stranger. Get it here on time.  

    Make up test will be given by appointment after school with in one (1) week of the test. Test not made up with in the week will receive a zero.



    Absences:  You are expected to be in class every day. In the event of an absence you will have 24 hours to excuse the unexcused absence. To excuse an absence your parent or legal guardian must contact me or the attendance office by phone w/in 24 hours of the absence. When an absence is excused, it is the student’s responsibility to get their missed work. The student will have one day plus one to make up the work, as per the student handbook. Late work may be handed in for half credit. Missed work during an unexcused absence can not be made up.

    Tardies:  You must be in your assigned seat when the bell begins to ring. The fourth tardy and every tardy there after eight equals a referral to the office. The fifth, sixth, and seventh tardy will count five (5) points against your in-class participation grade.


    Classroom Rules and Procedures

    As well as the guidelines in the Student Handbook, I expect that we follow these simple rules:

    1. Be Focused!  (stay on task... work, don’t talk)
    2. Be Ready!  (in your seat, pencil sharp, materials ready)
    3. Be Respectful!  (to the classroom... No Gum, No Food, No Candy, No Drinks... the people, and their opinions)   
    4. Let the teacher teach from bell to bell!

     These simple rules will be enforced and added to if necessary!


    Academic Integrity

    Plagiarism, copying, cheating or being an accessory to plagiarism, copying, or cheating will NOT be tolerated and a Zero will be given to all parties with no chance of make up.


    Technology Usage

    All students must have a signed “Acceptable Use Practices” (AUP) on file in the media center.


    Other Comments


    Everyone has choices. You are responsible and will be held accountable for your choices.