• Identity Development Paper:  Who am I?



    You will write a paper exploring yourself.  Ask yourself some deep, probing questions about who you are and who you want to be. 
    • Brief Family History:   Interview an older, wiser adult family member to gain an understanding of where you came from .  Be sure to include the sociocultural perspective!
    • Introspection:  Discuss who you think you are now.  Be sure to include another psychological perspectiveYou could include the psychoanalytic, or behavioral perspective.
    • Future Goals:  What your goals and aspirations for the future, and how you plan to reach those goals.  You should include the humanistic perspective.
    This assignment will be typed in Word and submitted through Blackboard. 
    • Your paper should have a title page, an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.
    • Your paper must be written in the APA format and be about 3 to 5 pages long.Proper APA format is always required!
                  a.      Title Page

      b.     Running Head starting in the upper left corner

      c.      Page Numbers in the upper right corner

      d.     Abstract (summary of the whole paper w/a Key Word line) page 2

      e.      Sub divide your paper into three groups using subheadings 

    • f.    In-Text Citations throughout the paper

    • g.        Reference page done in APA format citing the web pages used or our text book
      Please be creative!


      Running head:  TITLE OF YOUR PAPER                                          1 



       Title of Your Paper

        Your Name

              Carman-Ainsworth High

                                                    (Insert Page Break)                                    
      TITLE OF YOUR PAPER                                                                2                                                        

          The abstract should a 150 words long & is the summary of the paper.  The abstract should include a summary of what you have learned, new psychological perspectives that you have gained and a general overview of your paper.

      Key words: 


                                                  (Insert Page Break )

      TITLE OF YOUR PAPER                                                                  3


      Your actual three to five page paper.... including in text citations (Kasschau, 2001) & divided in three parts w/subheadings like Family History, Introspection, or Future Dreams.


                                            (Insert Page Break )

      TITLE OF YOUR PAPER                                                                  6 



      Author, A. A. (Year, Month Day). Title of article. Title of Newspaper. 

                Retrieved from http://www.someaddress.com/full/url


      Interviewee, The. (Year, Month Day). Personal interview. or Telephone interview.


      Kasschau, R.A. (2001) Understanding Psychology. Columbus, OH: Glencoe



     Who Am I?  Rubric

    Trait:  APA Style






    Adheres to all styles: title page; double-spaced throughout


    Adheres to almost all styles 1-2 errors in form

    Adheres to most styles; 3-4 errors in form

    Adheres to a few styles; lots of errors, 5-8

    Little form or style; Is there a style?

    Trait:  Grammar and Spelling






    No major errors in grammar or spelling


    Some errors in spelling and grammar (1-2)

    Several errors in spelling or grammar (3-7)

    Lots of errors in spelling and grammar (8-12)

    More than 12 errors, Paper not proofread



    Trait:  Content






    Very complete- all sections: Family/Sociocultural,
    Perspective, Future Plans

    Same as 5 but not as complete Missing one part or incomplete information or some inaccuracies

    Same as 5 but missing several parts to the assignment

    Incomplete and some inaccurate information.


    Very incomplete

    Less than 3 pages in length. Missing and/or inaccurate information





    Trait:  Reflection






    Shows considerable thought and insight

    Shows some thought and insight

    Shows thought and insight

    Little thought or insight

    What does thought and insight look like?


    Multiply raw score by 5 to get total points.

                (ie. 5 + 4 +5 +3 = 17 x 5 = 85)