• AP Psychology Review of Relevant Literature


    After revisiting your Annotated Bibliography from last semester, identify at least two different schools of thought regarding your topic of study.  Familiarize yourself with both perspectives, then, follow the directions below.


    Your review should include:

    a.      Title Page

    b.      Abstract

    c.      Introduction (Level 2 heading)

    This paragraph should introduce the topic

    State the importance of the topic

    Outline the controversy surrounding the topic

           d.  One perspective with a Level 2 Heading (e.g. Psychoanalytic Perspective of Schizophrenia)

                3-4 paragraphs briefly summarizing one side of the argument.

    Your summary will identify the main points in these articles. For each of these points, include a few supporting statements or extensions of the main idea.

                 Put those main points and supporting statements into your own words.

     Try not to use quotes! If you do use quotes, use them very sparingly and be sure to cite them with the author’s name, date of publication, and page number (e.g. Smith, 2008, p. 234).

           e.  The other perspective with a Level 2 Heading (e.g. Biological Perspective of Schizophrenia)

                3-4 paragraphs briefly summarizing the other side of the argument.

    Identify the main points and put those main points into your own words. As before, include supporting statements for each main point.

            f.  Evaluation (a Level 2 Heading)

                1-2 paragraphs evaluating the research on the topic.

    Choose which side of the argument you support. Then, use points from the articles to defend why you support that side (not personal opinion).


    What does “evaluate the research” mean? Just because it is written in an article, doesn’t mean it is true! When you evaluate an article, ask yourself if the author is expressing a personal opinion or if he/she provide evidence (i.e. research) to support his/her position. You may find one side of the argument more compelling because there is more research supporting that side or the quality of the research is better.


    Note: Please incorporate personal experiences only when relevant to your argument. Remember that personal experiences may be used to illustrate your point, however, personal experience in itself does not constitute scientific evidence.


             g. Conclusion (a Level 2 Heading)

                   Briefly restate the two sides of the topic

      Summarize which side of the argument was more compelling and why

             h. Reference (a new separate page)

                    An APA style reference page.


    The format guidelines for your paper include:

                a. The Body of the Paper should be 3-5 pages in length

                b. Written in APA style including intext citation.

                c. Typed and submitted to Blackboard.

                b. The entire paper should be double-spaced with 12 pt. font size.

                c. All margins should be one-inch.





    Rubric for Review of Relevant Literature

    Trait:  APA Style






    Adheres to all styles: title page; abstract; running head; Level 1 headings; Level 2 (in-text) headings; in-text citation; references


    Adheres to almost all styles 1-2 errors in form

    Adheres to most styles; 3-4 errors in form

    Adheres to a few styles; lots of errors, 5-8

    Little form or style; Is there a style?

    Trait:  Grammar and Spelling






    No major errors in grammar or spelling


    Some errors in spelling and grammar (1-2)

    Several errors in spelling or grammar (3-7)

    Lots of errors in spelling and grammar (8-12)

    More than 12 errors, Paper not proofread



    Trait:  Content






    Very complete- all sections: Introduction, Perspectives, Evaluation, Conclusion

    Same as 5 but not as complete Missing one part or incomplete information or some inaccuracies

    Same as 5 but missing several parts to the assignment

    Incomplete and some inaccurate information.


    Very incomplete

    Less than 3 pages in length. Missing and/or inaccurate information






    Trait:  References






    At least 5 in-text cited references

    Four  in-text cited references

     Three in-text cited references

    Two in-text cited references

    One  in-text cited references



    Multiply score by 5 to get total points.

                           (ie. 5 + 4 +5 +3 = 17 x 5 = 85)