• Famous Psychologist Project


    Each student will select a major contributor to the field of psychology to research. You will create 15 trading cards on their stats, much like a baseball card.

    The front of the card should include:

              1.       An image of the psychologist.
              2.       The psychologist's name.
    Please address the following on the back of the card:


    1.                 School of Psychology to which he/she belongs

    2.         Brief history 

              3.                 Major impact of his/her work in the field of psychology

    4.                 Types of research methods utilized in his/her experiments

    5.                 Practical applications of the research (meaning)

    6.                 Major publications
                I'll provide the 3 x 5 index cards
    Follow the three C's (Clean, Colorful, & Creative)

    Famous Psychologists may be found in the front & back of your Myer's AP book.