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    Please access your Google Classroom page. I have posted a few things there along the way. School starts back up Monday, April 20!! I am working hard to provide some interesting and important information and activities for you. More info ASAP..

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    Class Schedule:
    1st Hour      Planning
    2nd Hour      US History
    3rd Hour      US History
    4th Hour      US History
    5th Hour      APUSH
    6th Hour      US History

    United States History

    Google Classroom Codes: 

    US History: q5qrajt (This will be a default location for everything US History. It will contain everything that will also be in the hourly classes. 

    2nd Hour:  pr6hi6q

    3rd Hour:  f4gj2wt

    4th Hour:  dmpnmqu

    6th Hour:  jz6tbzy

    For the rest of this school year, we will cover as much of the 20th Century as we can as we relate it to current events. All assignments and activities will be in Google Classroom although we may use Edmodo for discussions, Zoom for class meetings, and anything thing else that might help. 

    AP US History

    Google Classroom: q3fhxtl


    For the rest of this school year, we will focus on preparing for the AP Exam. In addition, we will study the history that hasn't been covered in class and connect it to current events as well. 



    Contact Information 

    Room: #126
    Phone: (810)591-5532
    Email: mstewart@carmanainsworth.org