• SYLLABUS: 10th Grade CIVICS Mrs. Hartman

    Title of Course


    Teacher’s Name

    Mrs. Hartman

    Course Information

    One semester/One Half Credit in Social Studies

    REQUIRED for Graduation

    Teacher Information

    Room 119

    1ST Hour Planning

    Phone #:  591-5561

    E-mail:  jhartman@carmanainsworth.org



    Student must be of SOPHOMORE status.

    Course Description and Overview of Content

    This course is designed to give the high school junior a basic understanding of the national, state, and local government and the things that work together to assist in meeting the needs of citizens.  Topics are discussed using current events, lectures, group discussions, individual and group reports, as well as media and on-line research. The emphasis of this course is to build citizen participation in our democratic society as a world leader.

    Course Goal/ Intended Outcomes

    By the end of this course, the student will be able to pass a comprehensive exam on the basic concepts and facts from the State of Michigan and National Standards and Benchmarks.

    The student will meet the Performance and Exit Behaviors set forth by the district.

    The student will understand the meaning of and concepts behind the Core Democratic Values.


    Required Text and Materials

    Student textbook tci

    Notebook and folder

    Pen and pencil

    *All materials are required on a daily basis!  No loans will be made!

     Format and Activities

    We will use a variety of methods to analyze the subject matter.  This will included, but is not limited to, lecture, research papers, right brain activities, and educational films.

    Grading Practices and Procedures

     I grade according to a “straight” or regular scale (93-100=A, 92-90=A-, etc.). 

    A+ is not used.  Students will be graded on daily assignments, tests, and quizzes, and each respective item will be given a point value and graded accordingly.  When absent, it is the student’s responsibility to obtain his missed work and make up any tests or quizzes.  Per the student handbook, students will have one day, plus one, to make up missed work.  Late work may be handed in one day late only for a one-grade deduction.  After one day, late work will not be accepted for credit.


     Attendance/ Tardiness

    Absences:*Please see amended attendance policy.


    Tardies:  You must be in your assigned seat when the bell begins to ring.  The fourth tardy and each subsequent tardy results in lunch detention. 


     Classroom Rules and Procedures

    As well as the guidelines in the Student Handbook, I expect that we follow these simple rules:

    1.)      Stay on task.

    2.)     Bring required materials to class every day.

    3.)     Always be respectful to the classroom, other people’s property, other people, yourself and the staff of C/A.

    4.)     No gum, candy, or liquids.

    5.)     NO passes after the semester’s allotment has been used!

    6.)     Sit in your assigned seat every day.

    7.)     Follow directions.

    8.)     NO personal grooming.

     Academic Integrity

    Plagiarism, copying, cheating or being an accessory to plagiarism, copying, or cheating will NOT be tolerated and a Zero will be given to all parties with no chance of make up.

    Technology Usage

    All students must have a signed “Acceptable Use Practices” (AUP) on file in the media center.

    Other Comments

    *Students are allowed 4 passes per SEMESTER.  Students may use these passes at their discretion (bathroom, locker, phone, attendance office, etc.).  Once your passes are gone (or lost), they’re gone.  NO additional passes will be issued no matter what!