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    Title of Courses: French I and French II, Spanish I


    Teacher's Name:

    Brenda Love

    Course Information:

    All classes are year-long courses. 9th-12th grade

    Teacher Information:

    Room 210

    Phone 591-5427

    email:   blove@carmanainsworth.org


    2017-18 schedule      

    1st hr. French II

    2nd hr. French I

    3rd hr. Spanish I

    4th hr. French I

    5th hr. French II

    6th hr. Planning



    There is no prerequisite for French I or Spanish I. The prerequisite for French II is a passing grade in French I.


    Course Description and Overview of Content:                       

    French I introduces the student to a new language and culture. Students learn about the structure of the language and how to speak and write in a limited number of situations. French II builds upon all that is taught in  French I, then continues to progress with new structures and situations.


    Texts and/or Other Materials:

    Text: Bien Dit French 1

    French I - chapters 1 thru 5

    French II - chapters 6-10

    chapters 5 and 6 from Bien Dit French 2

    Spanish I - Realidades 1


    Students will NOT be assigned a text book. We have an online book and students will be registered and given a username and password. If a student does not have internet access at home a CD-ROM will be assigned. In the event there is no computer at all a hard copy of the text may be assigned (this is very rare).


    Format and Activities:

    Each day students will read, write, listen and speak French. Lessons include a wide variety of teaching methods to address various learning styles.


    Grading Practices and Procedures:

    Grade Categories:

    Quizzes = 25%

    Tests = 25%

    Assignments = 25%

    The remaining 25% will come from in-class work and participation as well as any projects.



    All school rules, policies and procedures are followed in this class.


    Classroom Rules and Tardiness:

    All school rules, policies and procedures are followed. Polite behavior is expected at all times. Questions or concerns should be brought to my attention as soon as possible so we can work out a solution.


    Academic Integrity:    

    Partner work is very frequent in this class. However, when individual work is requested no credit will be given for copied work. In the event that it cannot be determined who did the work and who copied, no credit will be given to either student.