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    US History 6th-   mhsbwzt


    Course Overview


    Social Studies, U.S. History 9th Grade


    Mr. Henry

    Course Information

    Grades 9-10

    Two semesters/One Full Credit

    (*3 Social Studies Credits Required to graduate)


    Teacher Information

    Room- 300

    Planning Hour- _______________

    Phone #- 591-5483

    E-mail: bhenry@carmanainsworth.org , knelms@carmanainsworth.org


    Students to have attained at least 10th grade status

    Course Description and Overview of Content

    This course will survey major events in American history concentrating on the past 140 years.  As part of this study, the contributions of all Americans will be emphasized.  Political, economic, and social developments will be analyzed as well as America’s advancement to the position of a world leader.  Students will be able to understand, analyze, and interpret historical concepts and events.  Students will understand the role that history has played in the development of the world that we live in today.


    Course Goal/ Intended Outcomes

    1.       By the end of this course, the student will be able to pass a comprehensive exam on the basic concepts and facts from the State of Michigan and National Standards and Benchmarks.

    2.       The student will meet the Performance and Exit Behaviors set forth by C/A School District

    3.       The student will understand the meaning and concepts of the Core Democratic Values.

    4.       The student will be able to identify and explain the significant events and people that shaped the development the U.S. as a nation.


    Required Text and Materials

    *Student textbook- The Americans  (2007))

    *Notebook or folder, pen or pencil, some special supplies will be necessary occasionally ie. colored pencils, markers, poster board etc..

    **Materials are needed EVERYDAY!

    Format and Activities

    Lecture, cooperative learning, silent reading, guided reading, journals, research papers and classroom assignments, etc.

    Grading Practices and Procedures

    1.       Students will be graded on point system by the following; Tests/Quizzes, Interactive notebook/Focuses, Participation and daily assignments.

    2.       The two marking periods represent 80% of your grade (ongoing grade) and the final cumulative exam is worth 20% of your semester grade.

    3.       If absent, it is the student’s responsibility to get missed work. Check with other students, assignment sheet or ask the teacher before or after school.  The student will have one day plus one to make up the work, as per the student handbook.

    4.       Make up tests are scheduled after school and must be made up within two weeks or a grade of "0" will be given.


    The grading scale is:

    90-93 = A-, 94-100 = A range

    80-83 = B-, 84-86 = B range, 87-89 = B+ range

    70-73 = C-, 74-76 = C range, 77-79 = C+ range

    60-63 = D-, 64-66 = D range, 67-69 = D+ range

    Below 60 = Failing


    Attendance/ Tardiness


    Attendance is crucial if you are to learn. I will obey all rules set forth in the CA Student Handbook and I expect you to do the same. A deduction from your participation points will result in the event of unexcused lateness and absences.  Daily attendance and punctuality are expected and will result in greater student success.

    Classroom Rules and Procedures

    In addition to the guidelines in the CA Handbook, I expect that we follow these simple rules:

    1.       Be Prompt—On time and in seat; Ready to learn

    2.       Be Prepared—Required materials everyday

    3.       Be Respectful—To other students, the teacher, yourself

    4.       Participate!—Follow the rules, pay attention

    **These simple rules will be enforced and added to if necessary!

    **There will be numerous discussions, so have an open mind and respect others opinions.  You are all young adults and are expected to behave in accordance with that title.


    Academic Integrity

    Plagiarism, copying, cheating or being an accessory to plagiarism, copying or cheating will NOT be tolerated and a ZERO will be given to all parties with no chance of make up!  Cheating may result in failing the SEMESTER!! 

    Technology Usage

    We will at times use the library and the internet. Please remember to sign and date the Proper Usage form in the Handbook. (Place your AUP in the Media Center)

    Other Comments

    1.       Everyone has choices. You are responsible, you will be held accountable for your choices.

    1. Students who require additional help may make an appointment to meet   after school on designated days.
    2. All assignment will be turned in with a COMPLETE heading or points will be deducted and frequent infractions may result in a “0” given.         (Name, Date, Assignment and Class)                                     

                                                                                            Anita Passdisclass

                                                                                            September 17 , 2013

                                                                                            Ch. 7 Review

                                                                                            Us Hist.  3rd Hour




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