• Sauvie
    Amanda Sauvie
    English 10
    Room 120
    Phone: (810) 591-5477
    Check out my classroom website here:  http://asauvie.weebly.com/
    Check out my Portfolio from Red Cedar Writing Project Here:  http://sauvieportfoliorcwp2013.weebly.com/
    B.A.--University of Michigan, 1997
    M.A.--Marygrove College, 2001
       Masters in the Art of Teaching
    About me:
    After student teaching at Waterford Mott High School, I began working at Carman-Ainsworth in the fall of 1998. I enjoy teaching a great deal and love to try new things with my students. My passion is for teaching creative writing, and I try to tie as much of this into the curriculum as I can fit. I do get frustrated, and I am sure my students do as well, that there is not more choice in our curriculum, but I am committed to maintaining the high expectations that our state and our district have set for English Language Arts education.
    When not at school, I enjoy spending time with my husband, Joshua, who also teaches at Mott Community College, and my two daughters, Madilyn and Lillian. In whatever spare time I can find, I enjoy reading, practicing yoga, writing, and spending time with friends.
    Madilyn Celeste
    My daughter, Madilyn Celeste. This photo is old, but she is so cute I can't stand to take it off this page!