• How to Get the Grade you want in Math.

    Suggestions for improvement.


    1.         Bring all math materials to class: pencil, calculator, notebook and math packets. For geometry you need a protractor.

    2.     Try to do Warm-ups and Try This -problems on your own.

    3.         Write down notes including examples that are given in class and read over them at night.

    4.         Use your book and notes as a resource to help you with your homework.

    5.         Do homework completely (to the best of your ability) when assigned.

    6.         Correct homework in class with a different color, so you can study your mistakes later.

    7.         Each day redo the previous day’s homework problems a second time. Make sure you know how to do every one.

    8.         Get help from after school tutors and ask questions in class about problems you do not understand.

    9.         Study for quizzes and tests by redoing homework assignments, especially problems you got wrong and corrected in a different color.

    10.   Keep all notes, homework, graded quizzes and tests organized in folder or binder.

    11.   Check posted grades weekly to make sure you have credit for all work you did and be sure to turn in work you may have missed because of absences.

    12.   If you are unhappy with a test grade stay after school to go over the test with your teacher and then ask if a test retake is available.