• Ms. Kennedy
    Students can access our classroom textbook at learntci.com. They have each created their own username, which for most of them is the first initial of their first name and their last name. (example:If their name is Patrick Smith, their username would be psmith. A few students had to add a number after their username because there was already an existing username the same as theirs. Their password they created. I told them to use one they would remember and they were told to write it down. Their password is the hour they have me for class. (example:If they have me 2nd hour for class, they would use secondhour as their password)
    This website will read the text to the students, if they learn better that way. By selecting the main idea tab the book will automatically highlight main ideas for each section. This is a great way to study and learn the main points/ideas of the chapter. The website also allows them to summarize main points for themselves and then checks for correctness. The maps and extra features of the book, like glossary are also available. There is a neat game or quiz to review each chapter that they seem to enjoy playing, which is also great for review, but not until we finish the chapter. As they are going through the game, they can go back into the chapter to find the answer by reading before selecting an answer. Please encourage your student to use these valuable tools.
    If your student would benefit by having an actual textbook at home, they should have checked a textbook out of the library. I have been encouraging the students to do just that since the beginning of the school year. Almost all class work/assignments can be completed during the school day, but if they do not get it done at school, it should be finished at home. Most of their work is done in a workbook supplied by me.  
    1st Hour Planning