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    Class Schedule:
    1st Hour      Planning
    2nd Hour      WHAP
         3rd Hour      US History
    4th Hour      APUSH
         5th Hour      US History
    6th Hour       WHAP

    United States History

    In this course you will learn about American history from the past 140 years. You will also learn about economic and political relations the United States had both foreign and domestic. We will start from the beginning foundation of the US moving up through everything including the industrial revolution into the United States' transition into a global superpower. Hopefully you will learn a lot of new information and have a fun time doing it this year.

    AP US History

    This course is a more advanced US History class that is suited for students who want to provide themselves with a more in depth US History experience and challenge. We will cover all of the same topics as US History but will go into more detail of these topics and at a faster pace. This will all be in preparation for you, for the AP US History test at the end of the year. Let's learn a lot and have a fun time doing it this year.

    AP World History

    During AP World History you will learn about the development and expansion of human history around the world. We will start from the beginning of human civilization moving all the way up to modern times. This will help us learn about the 5 main topics of human civilization that you will learn about over the course of the year. This will be in preparation for the AP World History exam at the end of the year. We will have lots of fun this year, so let's work hard and learn a lot.

    Contact Information

    Room: #126
    Phone: (810)591-5532
    Email: mstewart@carmanainsworth.org