• Mrs. Tennis

    email to - atennis@carmanainsworth.org


    We are going to try to make this distance learning of music as easy & fun as possible for you. 

    Nothing can ever take the place of being in a room together making music, but we will try. Mrs. Kenworthy & Mrs. Tennis will both be posting items in your Google Classroom. For Band/Orchestra you will need to complete two tasks on the list each week (beginning 4/20) - you don’t need to do them all, just pick TWO:


    1. Practice Journal - This may still be turned in using Charms or we have created one you can fill out & submit in Google Classroom.  
    2. Performance Display - Record your playing for us. There is a folder for each week in Charms under assignments or name your own. Tell us what you are going to play specifically: song titles/scale names. You must have at least 16 measures or 2 scales. You must play different selections each week in order to receive credit.  
    3. Concert/Performance Assessment - Listen/watch & answer the questions.
    4. Humanities/Cross Curricular Activity - Different each week.
    5. Extension Activity - Various “fun” activities that will always be available. This will contain items we would not have been able to offer in face-to-face learning.  


    Again, you are required to pick TWO activities each week. Every activity will be graded. Each activity can only raise your grade, not lower it. You may do more than the 2 activities each week and we will be adding more all of the time. 

    Please email or send us a REMIND message if you have any questions. As we progress, we will send you more information regarding opportunities to meet as class groups and individually with teachers. Remember, this is all new to us too! Some of what we post might not work the first time so please be patient with us as we figure this out. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.